Ingrid Burrington


Ingrid Burrington (b. 1987, U.S.) is an artist and researcher focusing on mapping, documenting, and identifying elements of network infrastructure, drawing attention to the often overlooked or occluded landscapes of the Internet. By examining the geographic contexts and material realities of the network, she seeks to both demystify these technologies and to articulate the underlying politics and power dynamics of networked systems and life within an increasingly networked society. Burrington is a member of Deep Lab, a collective that explores topics of control, power, and politics as they pertain to technology and society.

Ingrid Burrington was artist in residence at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 2011; Eyebeam, 2014; the Center for Land Use Interpretation, 2015; and a fellow at Data & Society Research Institute, 2015 – present. She has written for Art Quarterly, e-flux journal, Creative Time Reports, The Nation, and The Atlantic. She is a frequent public speaker, and has given talks at FutureEverything, 2015; Eyeo, 2015; Theorizing the Web, 2016; and the Copenhagen Documentary Festival, 2016.